Merewether Weather, Merewether Tides and Solar Power Monitoring for Merewether, NSW, Australia - Newcastle Weather

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About This Site

This site is put together by Mangrove Mike (intrepid fisherman, wine lover, IT Geek, old-time punk, sensible dad, gadget lover).

I have Merewether Weather infomation here as well as power usage and power creation stats from my solar panels. There is also lots of interesting stuff (code, reviews, gadgets) that I have written and accumulated over the years and this site shares as much of it that is possible.


The Gear

The weather station I am using is the Davis Station Vantage Pro 2. I use the data logger connected via a USB/Serial bridge to a Mac Mini Server where I  use use WeatherCat (WeatherCat) to collect the data. I also send the data up to Weather Underground and CWOP.

Tides are generated by Xtide a great program that I have used for a few years. Love it!

The power monitoring is done with the Current Cost meters that I purchased from the good people at SmartNow ( An Envi collects the main hour power usage and a Trec is separately monitoring the power generated from out 3kW PV Solar system. This is also connected via USB to the Mac Mini and the data is collected via a custom perl script which transfers the data to this website as well as Pachube.

Here are my panels on the photo on the right. They are ECOKES 170Wp Mono Cystalline Panels. The inverter is a Oelmaier and the 3KW system was installed by Eco-Kinetics ( document has more details - Solar System Specs .

All of the code and systems I use to collect and publish theis information is on my Mac Mini Server.


The Future


Inspired by Andy Stanford-Clark (, Dale Lane ( and Andy Piper ( I am heading down the MQTT path to centralise the code and devices into a publish and subscribe model).


External Feeds


Weather Underground  -

Pachube/Xively -

PWS Weather - (currently in hiatus)